Monday 29 September 2014

Grade 7 Science

We started this school year 2014-2015 by studying safety lab rules and students were quizzed on the safety lab rules.Also students were asked to take home safety lab contracts to be signed by parents and themselves as well.

During the past few weeks, we were studying the Inquiry Process of Science ;

  1. Ask a cause and effect question
  2. Restate the question in the form of a hypothesis
  3. Develop a procedure to test the hypothesis fairly
  4. carry out the procedure and collect data
  5. Analyze and interpret the data
  6. Form Conclusions based on the data, and compare them with the hypothesis.
  7. Communicate the procedure and results of the experiment.

We also did learn how to as testable question,verify our variables (Independent, dependent and Control), how to write a hypothesis, how to write a procedure and how to graph one set of data as well graphing 2 different sets of data on the same graph.

Past week, we had the time to enjoy and put these concepts into reality by carrying an M&M Scientific Inquiry using bowl, room temperature water, and M&Ms.

This week, student are asked in groups to come up with their own testable questions to carry own different M&Ms Scientific Inquiries and to carry own all different steps within their groups and by the end of the investigation each group will submit their report.

Week of 6 to 13,2014

Grade 7 Students had the opportunity to start their own Scientific Inquiry were they tested their own testable questions which were approved by the teacher first and they were provided with M&Ms , Room-temp water, Hot water, cold water and foam bowl and they brought their own materials that they needed according to their testable questions. They enjoyed doing the experiments and came up with very interesting testable questions ... students will be given one more period time to finish up and complete graphing the data they collected , analyzing those data and draw their conclusion with respect to their hypothesis. Here are some of the pictures while the students were working together in their groups running their Scientific Inquiries.

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