Saturday 11 October 2014

M&M Scientific Inquiry Lab

Week of Oct 6 to 13,2014

Grade 7 Students had the opportunity to start their own Scientific Inquiry were they tested their own testable questions which were approved by the teacher first and they were provided with M&Ms , Room-temp water, Hot water, cold water and foam bowl and they brought their own materials that they needed according to their testable questions. They enjoyed doing the experiments and came up with very interesting testable questions ... students will be given one more period time to finish up and complete graphing the data they collected , analyzing those data and draw their conclusion with respect to their hypothesis. Here are some of the pictures while the students were working together in their groups running their Scientific Inquiries.

Reminder :

Please refer to Grade 7B Blog for updates related to Grades 7A/7B Math and Science subjects.

Please refer to  Grade 7A Blog for updates related to Grades 7A/7B Language and Social Studies subjects.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Eid Celebration Pictures

Assalamo Alaikom Dear Parents and Students;

We had great day today celebrating Eid by doing the gift exchange in the morning, went on our Bowling Field Trip, In class party and we ended our day with playing at the Youth Centre then going outside for some fresh air at the school backyard. Here are some pictures that highlighted our fun day today...Enjoy :)