Wednesday 19 November 2014

Ecosystem in a JAR


We did make an ecosystem in a jar with all grade 7 students and this ecosystem consisted of a jar, pond water, gravel and rocks, pond snails and plants. we have been observing these ecosystems and we just noticed that our snails had babies and the students were so excited about it that I wanted to share these pictures with you, enjoy it :)

Let's Talk Science/ Animal Cell, Plant Cell and DNA

We had Let's Talk Science workshop with our Gr.8 students about Animal Cell, Plant Cell and DNA where they enjoyed a presentation covering these topics and hands on activities to built a cell model using editable candy and building a DNA model using craft items. The students enjoyed it very much and the best was left till the end which is eating the candy :)

Here are some pictures that wanted to share with you ;

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum Field Trip

Assalmoalaikom ; we had great time visiting the museum and the kids enjoy the variety of being in a workshop setting, guided tour and being in a self guided tour as well. The most thing the kids enjoyed was seeing all the animals and petting them . It was a successful trip and everyone enjoyed it including the teachers and the parent volunteers who I would like to thank for being there with us; Shadia, Asiya and Hellay .

Here are some of the pictures we would like to share with you, enjoy it :)